The Salvador Darlings!

Well hello, Sexy people!
While you may not recognize "The Salvador Darlings" yet, write down their name because they are here to stay.
The new London based band, has a very distinctive unique sound, mixing electronic pop and trip hop. Their new song "Show World" showcase Carine's powerful noir-esque vocals. Produced by Bryan the instrumentalist of the band.
Show World gives you a very dark almost eerie feeling, with some deep lyrics that reflects reality as we all experience it. More specifically,Show World is all about people who are hiding away from reality with a mask on their face, pretty familiar right?!
In the interview below Carine gets real about the new album and talks about the new single, so continue reading. Also don't forget to listen to "Show World".

Hello guys. How are you?

Fine thanks! We've just been recording vocals and guitar in the studio so it's nice to take a
break to speak to you.

So, how the Salvador Darlings were born?
The Salvador Darlings were born from a very good feeling between Bryan and me, I had just
moved to London from Paris looking to start a new musical project in London. I saw Bryan’s
advert on a website, I replied and after the first listen to his sounds, I just wanted to meet him. I don’t know how to explain but it's like a complementarity in how to feel music and a similarity in the way of expressing this music.

I just listened to your first single "Show World" and I loved it.
What is the story behind it?
Thank you very much, we had a lot of fun making it.
"Show World"is today's world as I see it, where people are fighting and hiding behind a
fabricated & impersonal mask and reality. I'm talking about people who, just like me, don’t
feel categorized by their look, and don’t want to be part of this world racketed, lonely and
selfish but have no choice. The look relieves the “be” by it synthetism and it ease but never
has to hurt the natural.

Listen to "Show World" here:

Does the album have a similar vibe?
We are influenced by our feelings and emotions, “the sensation of the right moment” when
we compose music. So I think each song is a new beginning, a new meaning. More we play
together better it is. The songs take amplitude and depth with time, it's so good! The album
does have a similar vibe, songs with feeling and meaning.

Do you have to be in a specific kind of mood to write a song?
No. I just need time and peace. Sometimes images come easier to me but I usually have
something to say and express. Bryan needs to be in the mood, feel creative, and then gets
inspired once he’s come up with a beat of riff that has a good vibe to it.

Do you want to send a message to your listeners with this album?
Everything is about communicating a message but I don’t really like to send one kind of
specific message. My texts are full of paradoxical images, sometimes against our social
reality where I’m looking for something else, sometimes it’s a chase against the “be” or
about the means to express today. Basically all is about our world and people. We just want
people to enjoy the energy and feeling of the music, and hopefully relate to it in some way.

When should we expect the new album?
We’d like to release an EP just for the fans, and a full album later on. The EP should be ready
towards the end of 2015 and the album early 2016.

Who are your major music influences?
Anything that moves us, it could be old school hip hop or jazz or classical, if it has the right
feeling then that’s what we like. When writing our own music it usually starts with a drum
beat or synth line, or a vocal melody, and if we find ourselves nodding our heads to the beat
then we keep on going with the song. So to answer your question it’s not a style or band
that influences us, it’s the groove and feeling.
We are also very influenced by the city we live in, London. There’s so much magic and
mystery, the history, people, and weather influences us. The recording isn’t just done in a
studio, it’s recorded out and about in London.

What sets you apart from other artists?
For each song we do outdoor recording to capture the magic of London, for example with
our single Show World we did additional vocal recording in Trafalgar Square on the coldest
night of the year. In the background you can hear the fountains, buses rumbling by, and a
security guard shouting at us asking us to leave. It’s quite original to do this kind of exciting
Basically everyone is different and unique.
But before anything else for me, the fact that you’re unique is the way you feel and express
music. More you’re natural better the music will be.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
To see Bryan every week! (haha)
For me the beginning is very good so I can’t tell something about a kind of challenge. We’ll
see later with upcoming gigs!

What is your interesting fact?
We do outdoor recording to capture the magic of London on our songs. For each song we
record a part at a place that is a landmark or has a particular meaning to us. Show World has
vocals recorded at Trafalgar Square, the next some has recording done at the Turbine Hall at
the Tate Gallery, and if we can somehow die from security we’d like to record at St Paul’s
Cathedral and places like that.

Any upcoming shows?
Soon, very soon I hope! We have to finish recording our last songs for the moment so it’s
the recording time now but in few months we would like to start to do small gigs in our fans’
living rooms to ‘take the gig to them’, it’s more fun and we get to meet the fans personally.
After that a lot of gigs in London and further.

Thank you very much for your time, I cannot wait to listen to your album, and see what 
the future has in store for you."

But Show World in iTunes:

To find out more about The Salvador Darlings:





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  1. Ooh I've never heard of The Salvador Darlings before but I just gave them a listen and really like their sound. I really enjoyed the interview too, I'll look forward to their album in early 2016!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon


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