Big Girls Cry

Sia just released the third part of the trilogy videos with pre-teen Maddie Ziegler. Big girls cry is equally controversial and thought provoking video just like Chandellier and Elastic heart.
The main difference this time, is that Maddie performs alone, looking straight to the camera and the audience can only see up to her shoulders.

The video gives you a very eerie feeling even though it gets rather disturbing at times, especially when Maddie's body is hoisted into the air by someone's hands like she is being choked, and we can see her legs desperately trying to break free.
In the end she manages to break free and falls into the ground where she continues with the animalistic face making routine.
I really love how powerful and deep Sia's music can be, there is an allegory behind her songs.

The video was directed by Sia herself and Daniel Askill, the duo directed Chandellier and Elastic Heart.

Watch the Video:

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