Eat Tokyo,Soho

On Thursday morning, I got up and the sun was shining away which is pretty rare in London yup even in spring. I immediately called my friends saying let's do something after work anything, we might not see rays of sunshine until next week or worse next month (nope am not exaggerating, London weather y'all).
So of course we decided to hit Soho, since it's been our favourite spot for a while now. I have recently gotten obsessed with bubble teas. I've always been a Starbucks girl and still am but bubble teas are pretty amazing, if you haven't try them do so, because they are pretty awesome and very refresing. I had mango green tea, my friend had lemonade green tea and my other friend had the grapefruit one.

As we stroll around Soho, with our bubble teas we keep talking about food, "What should we eat ". Everytime I go to Soho and believe me that's quite often, a new restaurant pops out, and is usually seafood restaurant, so if you love seafood and you are on a budget go to Soho.
As we pass by Old Compton St. we notice this small Japanese restaurant called "Eat Tokyo", and we decided to try it.

The Salvador Darlings!

Well hello, Sexy people!
While you may not recognize "The Salvador Darlings" yet, write down their name because they are here to stay.
The new London based band, has a very distinctive unique sound, mixing electronic pop and trip hop. Their new song "Show World" showcase Carine's powerful noir-esque vocals. Produced by Bryan the instrumentalist of the band.
Show World gives you a very dark almost eerie feeling, with some deep lyrics that reflects reality as we all experience it. More specifically,Show World is all about people who are hiding away from reality with a mask on their face, pretty familiar right?!
In the interview below Carine gets real about the new album and talks about the new single, so continue reading. Also don't forget to listen to "Show World".

Hello guys. How are you?

Fine thanks! We've just been recording vocals and guitar in the studio so it's nice to take a
break to speak to you.

So, how the Salvador Darlings were born?
The Salvador Darlings were born from a very good feeling between Bryan and me, I had just
moved to London from Paris looking to start a new musical project in London. I saw Bryan’s
advert on a website, I replied and after the first listen to his sounds, I just wanted to meet him. I don’t know how to explain but it's like a complementarity in how to feel music and a similarity in the way of expressing this music.

Big Girls Cry

Sia just released the third part of the trilogy videos with pre-teen Maddie Ziegler. Big girls cry is equally controversial and thought provoking video just like Chandellier and Elastic heart.
The main difference this time, is that Maddie performs alone, looking straight to the camera and the audience can only see up to her shoulders.
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