On Sunday  the 18/1/2015,  Adam Lambert took the stage with the legendary band QUEEN.  The concert took place in Queen's home town, London, at the O2 arena, which was absolutely packed, with people from different ages but all excited to see their favorite band again.
As you may, or may not know, I am a big fan of Adam Lambert, so I was kinda expecting to be blown away by Adam's vocals abilities, but also I am a big fan of  Queen so I was really looking forward to this show. The expectations of the show were very high not just by me by everyone attending. I over heard some of the conversations while queuing , people were really wondering if the new front man could fill Freddie's shoes, as this could be an absolute disaster.

Back to the concert now, we got in around 19:30pm and we got really lucky because we found a really good spot next to the stage. The show started at 20:10pm, there was a big screen and a massive Q on the stage. The show kicked off with "One Vision", Adam fiercely took over the stage wearing a leather jacket, leather pants and sunglasses. Followed by "stone cold crazy" in which Adam kinda got his inner Elvis Presley out, and then "Another one bites the dust". By the time "Fat bottomed girls" came up, everyone was dancing and signing along. The energy from the band was projected into the crowd. I heard a man saying that, the show with Paul Rogers(no offence) didn't have even the half energy as this one.

Adam continue to sing hit after hit, and rock some fierce fashion in between, to all the fashion people you gotta see his outfits. #puresex #takemeshopping
One of the many performances, that really got my attention was the "Killer Queen". Adam's theatricality and sassiness made the audience go crazy. He also had bottle of champagne from which he drank a bit and the spat it on the audience and with a very cheeky way he said "Sir did I get you wet". Well he is so ridiculously talented he can get away with anything. Honestly how can you not love him?!
 Also what I really wanna point out, after the Killer Queen performance Adam had a little speech about Freddie.  He acknowledge the creator of all those hits and said that he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for him, and he seemed very genuine when he said "We love him don't we" . I think a lot of Queen fans really appreciate that.

Brian May took over, gave a little speech. Can't express how much respect I have for that man honestly. #truelegend.  He sang love of my life, what a truly beautiful song, and then he sang "39". Before that he gave a little speech about the cosmos and Albert Einstein. Well the man is not just one of the best guitarist of all time, he is actually a scientist as well.
After Brian , Roger Taylor took over, another living legend. He sang these are the days of our lives with the big screen showing flashbacks of the band with Freddie Mercury. What a nostalgic song.
An EPIC drum battle between father and son followed up, it was so epic it could make you scream, for real. #js.

Adam returned to the stage, now with a different outfit not much "out there" as the previous two. This part was more dramatic and a bit operatic. We got to experience the insane vocal abilities of this man. He sang save me, a song that all of us can relate, we all been heartbroken and in a way we needed saving. But what made this song special wasn't just Adam's amazing vocals it was the emotions, he sang like he truly felt the lyrics and the pain that comes from the song.
Hit after hit and goosebumps all over, yup "Who Wants to Live Forever", was next.
Very few songs can touch our souls, and this song is one them. Brian May's ballad was written so beautifully and it doesn't just make you feel things is also thought provoking. Seriously mad respect for that man. The performance was just magic almost haunting. I cannot find any word to describe Adam's vocals. How can someone sing like that?! If there is one performance that you must see is this one, along with "Bohemian Rhapsody "(links below).
Ok, when the music for "Bohemian rhapsody" started, i heard people say OMG, is probably one of the most loved songs of the band.  Adam's voice was angelic but the highlight was Freddie signing along we could see him on the big screen and also hear him. It was like the perfect duet, i might have shed a tear or two.

It was time for the encore, of course the played the classics, "We will rock You" and "We are the Champions". For the finale Adam wore crown just like Freddie used, he totally killed it like a true rockstar.
What a show it was!

If you are a QUEEN fan and you have any hesitation is time to let go, and go get a ticket for the concert, or else you will regret it.
I got to know QUEEN through my father, they were famous for their iconic songs that are still popular in 2015, decades after. But also they were famous for their theatricality and the rock and roll spirit. After Freddie died a big part of the band died too, but with Adam it was like they were born again.
His flamboyant personality, charisma and out of this world vocals, gave him the ability to bring to life those iconic song, that can only be sang by few.
Long may they reign.


Queen in O2
I soon as I got out of the station I saw this and I started smiling like an idiot
Friends and I before the concert
We had to take some pics while waiting for the show to begin.
Adam Lambert and Brian May
First photo of the show and the man #onevision 
Queen and Adam Lambert
Stone Cold Crazy

Adam Lambert
Let's dance

Do you feel it kickin in? (taken from Adam's instagram)
It's in the lap of the gods. "Wo lala,wo laaaaala"

Seven Seas of Rhye
Killer Queen
LOVE LOVE this performance, he is one killer queen
So sassy #stopit #can'ttakeit
Save me, yup I was underneath.
Can you say fierce?!
Grand Finale.
Until next time..

An amazing person has uploaded the whole concert on youtube go check it out: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu18KNlfXGWcUd6b5FyXgLusiyfbpZsF_

If you been to the concert or planning to go let me what do you think.!


Disclaimer: Some of the pictures were taken from instagram.com/adamlambert.

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