Oscars 2015!

Many award shows come and go in the land of Hollywood but Oscars is probably one the most glamorous and anticipated event of the year. This year all the ladies and the gentleman went big on fashion. I mean it's Oscars you gotta go big right?!!
Unlike previous years, this years I had trouble choosing my fave.
So lets see which ladies made it to the best dressed list and who to the worst dressed.
Best: Dakota Johnson, looks absolutely stunning in this red hot YSL dress. #LOVEIT
Best: Resse Witherspoon wearing a classic Tom Ford dress.
Worst: Sia why are you hiding your face, don't be shy girl.
Best: Seriously what is life?! I'm obsessed. This dress is made to grab the attention. Rosamund Pike in Givenchy
Worst: Chloe Moretz looks soooo cute in the floral print Miu Miu dress but, it doesn't really flatters her at all. She looks preggers to me. #fireyourstylist 
Best: Anna Kendrick looks amazing in this coral dress. It really flatters her body and her skin complexion #gogirl
Worst: Scarlett looks beautiful as always, but her dress umm not that much it reminds a Christmas tree for some reason. Maybe if it was in another colour , she would have probably made it to the best dressed list
Best: Zoe Saldana, looks absolutely stunning in this curve hugging dress. Can you belive she gave birth to twins few months ago?!

Worst: Lady Gaga seems like she forgot to remove her gardening gloves.
Best: Proud wife of Oscar winner John Legend, Chrissy Teigen looks stunning.
Best: Behati looks absolutely amazing. Well she is VS model she can look good in pretty much anything. But seriously her dress is just beyond stunning. 
Best: Emma Stone looks incredible in this Elie Saab dress. 

That's all folks until next year.


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  1. I love anything by Ellie Saab so love Emma Stone's look and Chrissy Teigen looks incredible as always. Love the blog layout by the way xx


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