KTZ Womenwear SS15

KTZ,  just had their head turning fashion show for A&W, but on this post we will talk about their SS2015 collection that is also head turning. KTZ coming from the heart of Soho is nothing ordinary, so keep reading if you want to wear clothes that are real ART. Their unique designs are for the nonconformist people who want to make a statement.
Their new collection for Spring and Summer 2015 fuses the ancient world with the modern world, with emphasis to ancient Greece and Neoclassicism.
The collection combined streetwear elegance with fierce clubwear, ready to be worn by the people of the night,the club-kids. The dominant colours were black,white and gold.
I personally loved the epicness of the superhero getups, which involved capes and breastplates.
Marjan Pejoski is my new favorite designer.

Some Get Naked For a Cause Some For Just Because. (NSFW)

 The last few days everyone seems to be talking/obsessing over Kim Kardashian's naked pictures,where you can see her fully naked. Even though she does look pretty, her body looks kinda strange, I mean small waist and huge bum, come on, who is she trying to fool, that thing is not real. Probably the result of Photoshop or plastic surgery or both. Moreover her pictures went viral within hours if not minutes after posting. However I won't give her any more attention on this post.

Who I will talk about is the British actress Keira Knightley. Few days before Kim's pictures came out, Keira's topless pictures were all over the internet, She explained it was strictly to make a statement against air-brushing. Keira Knightley is the one who truly deserves praise and attention, a naturally beautiful young woman who did not become another Hollywood bimbo with fake ass tits. 

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