Top 10 things to do in London this Christmas!

It's Christmaaaaas!!!!!
Well almost,only few weeks to go, but since is December we can freely start talking about Christmas and signing falalala, without getting punched.
As everyone knows London is one of the most popular destinations in Christmas. The whole city is pure magic during this time of the year. People from all over the world travel just to see the lights and the amazing decoration or even shop. If you live in a nearby country, don't hesitate to book a ticket to London. Even if you live across the pond you should come over and experience the magic and create lifetime memories. #proudlondoner.


"Are we meant to belong in one place?"
I moved away from my lovely home at the age of 18 to go to uni and since then, I never returned back and for the past 7 years I have been moving around indulging to my endless lust of wanderlust and curiosity to see and experience as much as I can. It never really bothered me the fact that I moved houses sometimes cities or countries as it was my choice, the only downside is that sometimes I feel like I have lost my sense of belonging and my definition of "home" has been twisted.  Recently I was having a conversation with my colleague and I was asked "Where is home for you?" and I just blacked out for few seconds, as I realized I didn't have an answer. I kept thinking "what is home" what I am supposed to define as home; the place I currently live in but I barely feel as home or the place where I was born and grow up?  Thinking that little question over and over again I came to the conclusion that I don't have a home as sad as it sounds.
 The only place I feel like home is where my parents are and they are across the pond far from where I am. 
I went back to my home country last year for few days everything seemed so familiar and yet so foreign I felt like I was not part of that community anymore, I didn't fit in. I guess that is the outcome of chasing a dream, is to be "homeless", does it worth it? I will probably answer that question when I am much older.  On the other hand we as human beings are we meant to belong in one place or is that part of the unwritten rules of society. Maybe we are not meant to belong anywhere or belong everywhere.


15 Kick-Ass Things To Do In Your 20s

Your twenties is the most important decade of your life, is the time where you transform from a teenager to an adult is the journey to discover yourself.  Many times you may have felt that things don't go to plan or how other people plan it for you or how you have been told that things are meant to be when you are 22 or 25 for that matter.  But guess what nothing is meant to go to plan especially when you are at your twenties, you are meant to try and fail multiple times in order to figure what you want and what you don't, everyone's journey is different. 
Is the time to let go of everything that puts you down and just simply live it up as much as possible, time goes by faster than you think. 

Don't forget in order to find yourself you first have to lose yourself. 


Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Easy To Do

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday, I always look forward to it from August. I always love and sort of envy  people with amazing or creepy make-up but I never quite get how I can do it too. No matter how many make-up tutorials I watch on youtube I still cannot make it perfect. So I decided to go with the flow and do my own make-up look.
Here I listed 2 make-up looks that are extremely easy to do and it only takes to 10mins.

Haunted London

"During the day I don't believe in ghosts - at night I am a little more open-minded"

London is known for many things, the royal family, culture, arts, but as every old city has it’s dark side so does London.  The capital of England, is believed to be the most haunted city in the world. If you think about it for a minute, it does make sense, considering that the city is pretty much ancient which means that many generations of people have lived and died here.  The most notorious attractions in London, are known to be haunted such as the Tower Of London where hundreds of people have been tortured and died, the British Museum and of course we all have heard the infamous killer, Jack the Ripper and many more that make London a mysterious yet fascinating city. 

Halloween In London

Well Hello Everyone.
My favorite holiday is just around the corner and nope I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about Halloween. Yup,I'm one of those people who get excited for Halloween in August. Every year celebrations get bigger and spookier.Halloween was not as big in the UK as it was in the US but now it has gotten much bigger, with horror festivals, Halloween parades, circus, crazy parties and many more. This year instead of doing my traditional Halloween house party and scare the sh*t out of my friends I decided to go out and see if any of the London parties are better than mine(yes im cocky). So check out the top 10  parties and events that will give you a fright in London this Halloween.
P.S Don't be one of those people who go out wearing normal clothes you have 364 days for that put on damn costume. 
Hallow's Eve is the best time to indulge to your Halloween Fantasy and unleash your inner (weirdo) alter ego, without getting judged.


Adam Lambert-Another Lonely Night Music Video


Adam Lambert has just released a music video for his second single "Another Lonely Night" off his third album “The Original High”.
After seeing the teasers we knew what kind of vibe the video will have, and as always the powerhouse vocalist never disappoints. 
Even though, the video is much more colourful than his previous one “Ghost Town” is in fact much more darker."Another Lonely Night" explores the dark side of being a performer. Sometimes the people who entertain, are not as happy as we think they are,they try to hide the void they are feeling by masking their emotions; but as soon as they are alone the void grows stronger.
Lambert’s creativeness never cease to amaze,as he always create thought provoking videos. Also trans idol and youtuber babe GIGI was part of the video. #perfection
The video was directed by photographer and filmmaker “Luke Gilford”.

Sam Smith "Writings On The Wall"

Powerhouse vocalist Sam Smith, is the voice behind the soundtrack of the new Bond film Spectre. Even though the single "Writings On The wall" , have received mixed reviews, it broke every record as it went straight to number 1, beating "Skyfall" by Adele whose song reached number 2. Even Roger Moore former James Bond actor, took the twitter to announce his approval of the song, he tweeted: “Sam Smith has delivered a very haunting and wonderfully orchestrated #Spectre theme song. Well done!"
The film will be out in October 26th in UK, cannot wait.

Exploring a Lost City

Hello Everyone
Few months back, I went to Cyprus for holidays. Cyprus is half Greek and half Turkish, my mom is Greek, from the occupied Karpazia. So me and a couple friends went on a road trip to see my mom's land. On our way there, I was dazed by the view, it was like it was taken from a movie, a war movie  to be exact where everything was destroyed, buildings, houses and now it's been left a ghost town with few people here and there. Everything was so surreal, it was like I traveled back in time and to a different country (pictures were prohibited at that part)

How to throw a house party, without breaking the bank.

I have been a student all my life, or well most of it,if I know something very well is how to throw a kick-ass party, without breaking the bank. When we were 20 my friends and I, after living for a year in halls of residents we decided to rent our own house. So can you imaging what is like being 20 and have your own house with your friends right? Party every freaking night until you can't party anymore. Throwing a 3 day party almost every week, I have become sort of an expert, on the subject.

Checkout my little tips on how to throw a party without breaking the bank and losing your deposit.

What You Need to Know Before you Move to A New House (Student Edition)

Well Hello Peoples,
As a recent graduate who spent all of my university years renting I have become sort of an expert in this area. And I would like to share some tips with you that I wish I knew when I first moved out of my momma's house to a new country, new city and a new house.

Too short for a maxi dress.

Miss Selfridge Maxi dress

Hello Sexy people
I always loved maxi dresses and long skirts especially in summer but I never really got to wear them. Why?Because I'm only 5'1 and I always thought that I'm too short for it, and I would look ridiculous.My height has always been a big insecurity for me. Few weeks back I was reading daily mail and a pic of Kim K popped up with a maxi dress, Kim K is allegedly 5'2, only few inches taller than me. So I thought to myself if she can then I can too. I got up and went shopping tried few maxi dresses and none of them looked as bad as I thought, on the contrary they made me look taller. I ended up buying a couple for my holidays. I matched it with a nice pair of wedges and I was ready to hit the road.

It's All about Lush. Don't Look At Me Review

Well Hello Everyone,
This is gonna be a very lush post. 
I have recently visited the new Lush flagship store in Oxford street and gurl let me tell ya, it's just totes amazeballs. I went in and I didn't know where to go first. I was in heaven. I got my usual cleanser which is "Let the Good Times Roll" and after that I went to the face mask section. The flagship store has 4 exclusive masks, I tried the "rosy Cheeks" on my hand and "Don't look at me Now". Rosy Cheeks smelled like roses simple as that. "Don't look at me now" though was just pure freshness and it caught my eye immediately with that bright blue colour, and of course I left with a pot of "Don't look at me now".

Hello Flawless-Benefit Review

Few weeks I was in John Lewis, looking for a new perfume, so as I pass by benefit counter a lovely lady started talking to me, and before I even know it I was on the sit getting my make-up done. (I am a sucker for make-up). So the lady applied the "Hello Flawless" foundation on my face and my skin looked absolutely flawless, and the best of it, it looked natural, I hate cakey looking face, so I was pleasantly surprised with this foundation. I didn't buy it immediately,  as I went in with no intention of buying anything make-up related. Also I wanted to see how it looked on the natural light and if it last long. 

After few days I went back and got it. 

Freedom-Pharrell Williams


Pharrel is back with a powerful video for his new song "Freedom".  Pharrell's creativity has no limits. Freedom takes you on a journey to explore the various definitions of freedom. From slavery and liberation to nature and lastly questioning the freedom within society.
The video is full of direct and indirect images of freedom, such as horses running free in the wild,breathtaking views, the blue ocean.

This videos is basically saying to you that "Freedom is a state of mind" once you set your mind into being free in whatever that is (society, religion,yourself) then you are able to conquer everything.

Memphis Musical Review

Well Hello World
Few weeks ago, I went to see the award winning musical "Memphis" at the Shaftebury theater in London. Memphis has been hyped quite a lot, and all the reviews were in it's favor so I was excited to watch it. And let me tell ya, from the beginning until the end it had me hooked. It definitely lived up to it's expectations. I don't even know from where to begin, all the performances were outstanding. Beverly Knight is an amazing actress and an even better vocalist and Matt Cardle a charismatic actor who portrayed Huey perfectly, I can't imagine anyone else playing Huey.

London Street Style. What Do Londoners Wear.

Well Hello Everyone.
London is famous for many things,but one of those things are fashion. Londoners have a very distinctive sense of style. Always Edgy and fashionable, never afraid to go out of line on expressing their individuality through fashion.
Enjoy the streets style edition.
Pictures were taken at Soho, London.


10 Summer Classics To Kick off your Holidays

For approximately 9 months we all anticipate,dream on these 3 months of summer. And it's here, well we are halfway through. So I thought to list some of the summer smashes to kick off the summer, and get you on the right mood. Now listen up full volume, get wet, party and create some lifelong memories. Live On the Edge.

My Favourite Apps.

Hiiii Everyone!!!
There are so many cool apps out there too many to count. I will be going on holiday soon, so I've been looking for some fun apps to keep me sort of entertained on the plane. 
Here I've listed my favorites well at least for this week.

The Summer Tag

Hey Girl Hey.
The sun is up, sunscreen and sunglasses check. 
So is time for the summer tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been nominated by the Coral, check her out at she is pretty awesome.

Skrillex and Diplo - "Where Are Ü Now" with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is growing right before our very eyes.
The pop singer recently released a music video for his new song "Where are you now" and it's rather different than anything he is done before. Justin teamed up with Skrillex and Diplo and created a kick-ass summer song. Written by Justin Bieber and produced by Jack Ü( aka Skrillex and Diplo ).  "Where are yo now" gives you a sense of  melancholy but the beat is so sick it makes you wanna dance, I LOVE IT. Let's go back to the video now.  As I said before this video is way different than anything he is done before. This video is pure artistry. Fans drawings were shown in the video while Justin was dancing, it was so amazing everytime I paused the video a different drawing would come up.  I love the super psychedelic trippy feeling you get from the video. Sometimes you don't need a big budget to create an amazing artistic video just a bunch of doodles just saying.

A weekend in Brighton

Well Hello Everyone!
Few weeks ago it was my best friend's 24th birthday, but myself and another friend missed it. So we wanted to do something for her to show her that we love her and we really wanted to celebrate her birthday. We decided to plan a surprise weekend away in Brighton!!!
I have never been to Brighton before so I was pretty excited to go. Also is not as far from London as I thought, it took us only 2 hours if not less to get there, by train.
This post has quite a lot of pictures so I apologize in advance. But hey Brighton is so beautiful you gotta take pictures.

London Pride!!!!

Happy Pride Everyone!
Last weekend London was celebrating the gay Pride,dressed in colours. Last year it was my first time going to pride so this year I was more prepared (brought more glitter). I read somewhere online that last year 750.000 people attended well this year it must have passed a million, all the main streets of London were full of people, it was like a big street party. My friends who have been going to London pride for years they were saying that this pride was probably the best and the biggest ever. The parade lasted approx. 3 hours, the party continued to Trafalgar sq. and then moved to the streets of Soho until the morning hours. The whole atmosphere was so joyous everyone was having an amazing time, dancing and signing like a true celebration that brought people together.
Gay pride doesn't only celebrate sexuality it also celebrates individuality and the freedom to be yourself and the right to be loved and accepted for who you are. #lovewins
Check out the pics:

Adam Lambert: The Original High

Adam Lambert finally released his 3rd album "The Original High" and it's pure funk/house/pop awesomeness. The Original High has a different direction from his two previous albums. 
"For your Entertainment" and "Trespassing" were screaming glitter from above. For the new album he teamed up with the hitmakers Max Martin and Shellback, so we kinda knew the album would be awesome from the start. On the new album Adam seems to be more mature as an artist. He experiments with new sounds; I love the 90s feeling and the freshness.
My personal favorites are "There I said it" an unapologetic song with clever lyrics and insane vocals. "Lucy",a pop-rock classic, Adam's voice is made for this kind of songs, with the added bonus of Brian May on the riff what could you want more? Another fave is "The original high" I like how it gives you that summer breeze feeling, perfect timing for summer.

What To Expect In Ayia Napa.

Well Hello Everyone.
Since is the holiday season, I thought to write a little post about my all time fave party place which is Ayia Napa(yup go hard or go home).
You probably have heard of Napa if not, well is Ibiza's little sister. Probably a dream holiday for anyone below 30. I went to Napa for the first time when I was 17(yup I was underage shhh), and since then I've been going almost every summer, so I am kinda of Ayia Napa expert.
Ayia Napa, is in Cyprus a small island next to Greece. Napa is a small little town with 100 things to do, but is mostly famous for the beautiful beaches and the insane nightlife.
Check the list below to get to know Ayia Napa a bit more:

Rita Ora releases fierce music video "Poison"

Well hello everyone!
Rita Ora premiered her new music video, for her new song "Poison" and it's fiery fierce.
In the beginning, I didn't really like the song to be honest . When I first heard of it I thought she could have done better and she has done better in the past. After watching the music video and listened to the song more it kinda grew on me.

Summer Beauty Wishlist

          Summer Beauty Essentials

             summer beauty essentials

Summer is finally here, time to start packing and getting excited for holidays. I'm not going big on make-up in summer but I always make sure I have the best skincare products from NARS to Clinique. Here I've listed my top 10 beauty wishlist.

Summer In London.

Yaaaas summer is finally here!

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, even though not famous for the sun there are still million things to do even when is not 30 degrees (let's pray for it though, ya never know).  If you are visiting London this year you are about to have the time of your life. If you are a Londoner and not going to spend the summer in a tropical island and already hating life for that, don't worry I got you covered. Also you can never get bored of London, you know what they say. "If a man is tired of London he is tired of life".
Check out the top 10 things to do in London this summer!!!!


Call me Caitlyn.

In April 2015, Bruce Jenner came out publicly as a transgender, after living as a man for 65 years. Now he has fully transitioned into a woman named Caitlyn. Few years back if someone said that this gold metal athlete and father of so many children was actually a woman on the inside no one would have believed them. All of us have this secret side of our self that we hide from the rest of the world, sometimes in a small or big degree like Bruce or Caitlyn now. It takes lots of courage to come out to the world and Caitlyn is one brave human being. Is never too late to choose to live the most the authentic way possible. Even though he/she won so many gold metals this is probably his/her biggest achievement now Caitlyn is a true hero and an inspiration not just to the transgender community but to everyone.

Common Misconceptions on mental health.

Well hello everyone.
Since there are many misconceptions on mental health I thought to write a post on what actually mental health is and all the myths around it. Also I would like to point out that even though I am studying psychology I not an expert and all the stats have been taken by scientific reports on mental health.
First of all let's start with what mental and mental health is. "Wait doesn't mental mean crazy?"
No it does not mean crazy. WHO (world's heath organisation) defines mental health as the state of well being. More specifically mental health is how you cope with life in general and how you react in certain situations. So mental health is on the inside as physical health is more of the biological part of your body.
Now that you know what is mental health let's move on to what is a mental disorder. Mental disorder is a behavioral pattern that affects the person's life just like when a physical illness occurs.

L'Oreal-Superstar Mascara, Review

I've been on the hunt for a new mascara for few weeks now. I usually buy Rimmel or Maybeline, so I kinda wanted to try something new. Few days ago while I was at the make up aisle in boots I spotted the new False Lash Superstar Mascara by L'Oreal, it was on offer so from £10.99 I got it £7.99. So I thought I will give it a try, is not that expensive anyway.

New songs you might have missed...

It's Music Monday peeps!
What a better way to start off your week with some fine tunes. Here I have listed all the tunes you might have missed while studying for exams writing up reports and dissertations or just because you were too busy getting busy. ;)


April Favourites!

Well Hello, sexy people.
And Helloooo May, summer it's officially on it's way yaaas.  So I thought to make a post of what I've been obsessing with in the month of April.

Eat Tokyo,Soho

On Thursday morning, I got up and the sun was shining away which is pretty rare in London yup even in spring. I immediately called my friends saying let's do something after work anything, we might not see rays of sunshine until next week or worse next month (nope am not exaggerating, London weather y'all).
So of course we decided to hit Soho, since it's been our favourite spot for a while now. I have recently gotten obsessed with bubble teas. I've always been a Starbucks girl and still am but bubble teas are pretty amazing, if you haven't try them do so, because they are pretty awesome and very refresing. I had mango green tea, my friend had lemonade green tea and my other friend had the grapefruit one.

As we stroll around Soho, with our bubble teas we keep talking about food, "What should we eat ". Everytime I go to Soho and believe me that's quite often, a new restaurant pops out, and is usually seafood restaurant, so if you love seafood and you are on a budget go to Soho.
As we pass by Old Compton St. we notice this small Japanese restaurant called "Eat Tokyo", and we decided to try it.

The Salvador Darlings!

Well hello, Sexy people!
While you may not recognize "The Salvador Darlings" yet, write down their name because they are here to stay.
The new London based band, has a very distinctive unique sound, mixing electronic pop and trip hop. Their new song "Show World" showcase Carine's powerful noir-esque vocals. Produced by Bryan the instrumentalist of the band.
Show World gives you a very dark almost eerie feeling, with some deep lyrics that reflects reality as we all experience it. More specifically,Show World is all about people who are hiding away from reality with a mask on their face, pretty familiar right?!
In the interview below Carine gets real about the new album and talks about the new single, so continue reading. Also don't forget to listen to "Show World".

Hello guys. How are you?

Fine thanks! We've just been recording vocals and guitar in the studio so it's nice to take a
break to speak to you.

So, how the Salvador Darlings were born?
The Salvador Darlings were born from a very good feeling between Bryan and me, I had just
moved to London from Paris looking to start a new musical project in London. I saw Bryan’s
advert on a website, I replied and after the first listen to his sounds, I just wanted to meet him. I don’t know how to explain but it's like a complementarity in how to feel music and a similarity in the way of expressing this music.

Big Girls Cry

Sia just released the third part of the trilogy videos with pre-teen Maddie Ziegler. Big girls cry is equally controversial and thought provoking video just like Chandellier and Elastic heart.
The main difference this time, is that Maddie performs alone, looking straight to the camera and the audience can only see up to her shoulders.

Camden Town

Camden Town is probably one of my favorite place to go out in London. There is something about that place that makes me feel like home. I know that sounds a bit weird but is so true. If you been there then, you know that Camden is a place with huge history in music and arts in general. In fact many great artist started from or played there such as Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, The Ramones, The Clash, Blondie, Joy Division, Madness, The Smiths, Blur, Oasis, Pulp, The Libertines, Adele, Elton John, The Artic Monkeys, The Queen, Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, Prince etc.
So as the music capital of London,Camden is full of artist and is probably the most eccentric place in London. You can turn up there wearing something absolutely ridiculous no one will stare you, is actually pretty normal there. Is like the Burning man of Europe.

Oscars 2015!

Many award shows come and go in the land of Hollywood but Oscars is probably one the most glamorous and anticipated event of the year. This year all the ladies and the gentleman went big on fashion. I mean it's Oscars you gotta go big right?!!
Unlike previous years, this years I had trouble choosing my fave.
So lets see which ladies made it to the best dressed list and who to the worst dressed.


On Sunday  the 18/1/2015,  Adam Lambert took the stage with the legendary band QUEEN.  The concert took place in Queen's home town, London, at the O2 arena, which was absolutely packed, with people from different ages but all excited to see their favorite band again.
As you may, or may not know, I am a big fan of Adam Lambert, so I was kinda expecting to be blown away by Adam's vocals abilities, but also I am a big fan of  Queen so I was really looking forward to this show. The expectations of the show were very high not just by me by everyone attending. I over heard some of the conversations while queuing , people were really wondering if the new front man could fill Freddie's shoes, as this could be an absolute disaster.

Back to the concert now, we got in around 19:30pm and we got really lucky because we found a really good spot next to the stage. The show started at 20:10pm, there was a big screen and a massive Q on the stage. The show kicked off with "One Vision", Adam fiercely took over the stage wearing a leather jacket, leather pants and sunglasses. Followed by "stone cold crazy" in which Adam kinda got his inner Elvis Presley out, and then "Another one bites the dust". By the time "Fat bottomed girls" came up, everyone was dancing and signing along. The energy from the band was projected into the crowd. I heard a man saying that, the show with Paul Rogers(no offence) didn't have even the half energy as this one.

Jamie Brewer just made fashion history.

From American Horror story, to runaway. Jamie is the first model to walk the catwalk with a down syndrome.
Jamie absolutely owned the catwalk in designer Carrie Hammer’s show on Thursday morning. Is pretty amazing and inspiring to see fashion changing right before your very eyes. Jamie kicked ass on the run away.  Jamie on Today Show said “Young girls and even young women …  and say, ‘Hey, if she can do it, so can I. It’s a true inspiration being a role model for any young women to [encourage them] in being who they are, and showing who they are".  

How To Survive Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is dangerously approaching is pretty crazy to think about it feels like it was Christmas only yesterday. Now, everywhere I look there are pink and red hearts and love songs playing on the radio how sweet well not really.  
I’m single and I f*cking love it, but Valentine’s day is being pushed so much in our faces that makes us feel bad, not that bad but kind of uncomfortable. And honestly if one more person says to me “aww you will find someone” I will punch them in the face just saying. I’m single because is my choice so you don’t need to feel sorry for me,hunny, yeah im talking about you, the girl with the ugly shoes. 

Valentine's Day Playlist

Hello Lovers,
Valentine's Day is dangerously approaching.
So I made a playlist of 10 love/sexy songs to set you in the right mood for Sunday. Have a glass of wine or champagne, while listening to these songs, and try on the sexy underwears you bought for Valentine's Day .



KTZ Womenwear SS15

KTZ,  just had their head turning fashion show for A&W, but on this post we will talk about their SS2015 collection that is also head turning. KTZ coming from the heart of Soho is nothing ordinary, so keep reading if you want to wear clothes that are real ART. Their unique designs are for the nonconformist people who want to make a statement.
Their new collection for Spring and Summer 2015 fuses the ancient world with the modern world, with emphasis to ancient Greece and Neoclassicism.
The collection combined streetwear elegance with fierce clubwear, ready to be worn by the people of the night,the club-kids. The dominant colours were black,white and gold.
I personally loved the epicness of the superhero getups, which involved capes and breastplates.
Marjan Pejoski is my new favorite designer.

Some Get Naked For a Cause Some For Just Because. (NSFW)

 The last few days everyone seems to be talking/obsessing over Kim Kardashian's naked pictures,where you can see her fully naked. Even though she does look pretty, her body looks kinda strange, I mean small waist and huge bum, come on, who is she trying to fool, that thing is not real. Probably the result of Photoshop or plastic surgery or both. Moreover her pictures went viral within hours if not minutes after posting. However I won't give her any more attention on this post.

Who I will talk about is the British actress Keira Knightley. Few days before Kim's pictures came out, Keira's topless pictures were all over the internet, She explained it was strictly to make a statement against air-brushing. Keira Knightley is the one who truly deserves praise and attention, a naturally beautiful young woman who did not become another Hollywood bimbo with fake ass tits. 

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