Illamasqua : Lipstick In Bare.

I'm completely obsessed with the new 
Illamsqua lipstick in Bare.
I have been looking for an autumnish, everyday lipstick for a while now, and the bare was perfect, the colour comes in matte neutral pink.
Honestly I cannot recommend it enough, I'm just obsessed with it. It matches with my skin complexion perfectly and I can wear it everyday at work or even on a night out, you can match it with every outfit, would also be perfect for a smokey eye make-up. Since I bought it, I am using it literally everyday.
The only downside is that, is too dry, so make sure you moisturize your lips and put a lip balm before applying, I always put a little bit of Vaseline. Is slightly pricey (£18.50) but it totally worth it.
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