MTV VMAs 2014!

It's MTV VMA y'all!

The biggest celebration of POP music just happened yaay.

Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaz kicked off the show, apparently Nicki Minaj had wardrobe malfunction but nothing we haven't seen before (right?), Jessie J slayed with some good ass VOCALS, and Ariana Grande kicked ass with her new song Break Free #gogirl

Beyonce performance was sexy and Fierce she was simply ON FIRE. Probably one of the best performance of the night, if not the best. But Blue Ivy was the one who stole the show, seriously she is the cutest little human.

Nicki Minaz definitely knows how to shake dat ass and sorry Miley but she can twerk better than you. Her performance was entertaining wild and sexy, and her new song Anaconda is pretty catchy.

Even though Miley Cyrus didn't performed this year she still stole the spotlight. She let a young homeless man accept her award. Many people say that she did it for the spotlight and not because she has a big heart etc. Well the reason why she did it is irrelevant who cares if she did it to look like a good Samaritan or not. Her action brought awareness to something bigger, like homelessness amongst young people that is what really matters.

Now let's get to the Fashion shall we?

Beyonce, well, Beyonce is Beyonce FLAWLESS as always. #queen

Ok, Ariana's outfit would have been FIERCE and 10' for me, if she had a different hairstyle, I mean she is awesome but she needs to change her hair once in awhile. Change is good Ari ;) .

Katy Perry pulling a Britney Spears, she looks good in it, I think Britney would approve. Go Katy.

Jennifer Lopez O.M.G, I personally think she had the best dress on. She is HOT! 10'!!! #datass
Kim K forgot to brush her hair?
Miley Cyrus looks Sexy yet Classy this year. Good Choice Milers!
NIcki Minaz wore a snakeskin dress, very ANACONDA. But Nicki why so serious?

That's all folks until next year.
#stayFierce  xxx


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    1. Hey, Gigi.
      Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply, I just saw it. :)
      I just checked your blog and is awesome I will definitely follow you :D


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