London Pride 2014 !

Happy Pride Londoners.

I always wanted to go to gay pride, my friends have been going for the past two years, but i never got the chance to go as well.
So this year I had no excuse to miss it. I wore my brightest outfit (hello rainbow) and got ready to go. On the way there, it started raining, I mean nothing unusual but hey after the rain it comes the rainbow, and that day was all about rainbow.

I was a bit late as always, but my friends kept space for me next to them, in Trafalgar Square.
The parade started around 2ish and lasted for 2 hours approximately  .
I loved every bit of it, my friend said that this year, there were more people than last year. That means that more people are ready to support equality and love, which is a big improvement, knowing that my best friends will have the opportunity to freely love who they want to. :)
Here's some pics:

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  1. Thanks for the great activity. You have brought us to watch. The atmosphere is full of joy. We are happy with it.



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