Winter Wonderland!!!

I'm generally the kind of person who likes to live in the moment not looking forward of something that will happen 6 months after. But around July I get an email announcing the date Winter Wonderland will open, and that's all I need to start counting down for Christmas.
And here we are the time has arrived. Christmas is just around the corner, and Winter Wonderland is finally open. The 10 year old inside of me is out and about and ready to hit the Wonderland.
I LOVE going there every Christmas, there so many things to do to and see, to set you in the festive spirit.

Illamasqua : Lipstick In Bare.

I'm completely obsessed with the new 
Illamsqua lipstick in Bare.
I have been looking for an autumnish, everyday lipstick for a while now, and the bare was perfect, the colour comes in matte neutral pink.
Honestly I cannot recommend it enough, I'm just obsessed with it. It matches with my skin complexion perfectly and I can wear it everyday at work or even on a night out, you can match it with every outfit, would also be perfect for a smokey eye make-up. Since I bought it, I am using it literally everyday.
The only downside is that, is too dry, so make sure you moisturize your lips and put a lip balm before applying, I always put a little bit of Vaseline. Is slightly pricey (£18.50) but it totally worth it.

MTV VMAs 2014!

It's MTV VMA y'all!

The biggest celebration of POP music just happened yaay.

Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaz kicked off the show, apparently Nicki Minaj had wardrobe malfunction but nothing we haven't seen before (right?), Jessie J slayed with some good ass VOCALS, and Ariana Grande kicked ass with her new song Break Free #gogirl

Beyonce performance was sexy and Fierce she was simply ON FIRE. Probably one of the best performance of the night, if not the best. But Blue Ivy was the one who stole the show, seriously she is the cutest little human.

London Pride 2014 !

Happy Pride Londoners.

I always wanted to go to gay pride, my friends have been going for the past two years, but i never got the chance to go as well.
So this year I had no excuse to miss it. I wore my brightest outfit (hello rainbow) and got ready to go. On the way there, it started raining, I mean nothing unusual but hey after the rain it comes the rainbow, and that day was all about rainbow.


Hello Blogworld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellooooooooooo sexy people from all of the world. Welcome to my blog, where you can trespass into my world : full of adventures, crazy fashion, heartbreaks, craziness,weirdness and all of the relevant things that consist a human being living life to the fullest.
Enjoy your stay !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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