Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Reality Of Following Your Dreams//Huggle

Growing up I never really been a popular girl, but I always had friends they might not have been 20 or so but they were there. Whenever I wanted to go out or rant or just do whatever an ordinary teen wants to do there was always someone there just a phone call or a text away. Time has gone by, I grew up and followed my dreams, which meant that I had to get out of my comfort zone, move across the pond miles away from everything and everyone I knew. I was ready to face everything. But there is something that no one told me about, I've read many blogs on how to make it in a big city on moving to another country on studying but none of them stated the first thing you come across when following your dreams and that is loneliness. Even though I seem to be an extrovert I am actually more of an introvert but doesn't matter how much of an introvert or a loner you are, you still need people in your life. Having friends, someone to talk is an essential human need.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Winter Is Coming//Fall Style


I cannot believe that we are already in the mid/end of September where did the time go? It seems that summer lasted for a week, but hey it was damn good week.
Even though I absolutely love summer, winter is a season that I always look forward to, and I think every fashionista is the same. In winter we get to dress up wear our hair down without sweating, wear those killer boots and of course our fashionable trench coats that are so in right now.
Winter is coming, and I could not be more excited, as I have said in a previous post "new beginnings", there are many things that will be happening this winter, things that absolutely terrifying me but im also excited about, because I'm starting something new. Also winter means Christmas are on the way, long nights and hot chocolate ohhh and of course Halloween (even though that is in October).

Monday, 12 September 2016

Scrub Love//Review

If you read my blog posts or been on my twitter you would know that i don't just like coffee im obsessed with it. There is something about it that gives me life, no matter how late I am I will pop in my nearest coffee shop to buy my favorite caramel macchiato or mocha. However, I recently found that coffee can be used as a beauty product as well. I always told people that coffee can be used for everything and now it seems that I was right. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New Beginnings

For the last three years, my life stuck on reply, I was on a rut that did not seem to end. After many disappointments I somehow convinced myself that's how things are going to be, I shut my self out completely and did not expect anything, I stopped trying, I gave up. Everyone saw me as that funny girl with no worries in life, the truth is that I was just numb, I somehow disconnected every emotion, at that time, I believed that was the only way to survive. There is nothing worse that seeing everything falling apart right before your very eyes and not being able to do anything but stare.        

Friday, 26 August 2016

What is it like being in your mid20s

When you are in your early 20s you can still get away with many things but as soon as you hit the big 25 you are officially in the big kids club.
I'm only few months away from turning 26 and I don't even know how I got here, it seems that I turned 21 last year, where did the time go?
Apart from the fact that I have times where im like holy shit im growing old is usually pretty good considering that now I get slightly more respect, cus ya know im old-er.

Being in your mid 20s is truly a roller coaster of emotions,there are so many expectations from society, so many things that you have to achieve but in reality you still feel like 21 year old who tries to act maturely just for the sake of it. Being in your mid 20s 10 years ago was so much different. People used to have kids and get married early buy houses and cars I can't even buy new shoes cus i have a massive student loan to pay back. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Making It In A Big City

Does it worth it?
It seems like yesterday little me would look at the sky and wonder,what is beyond the mountains,how are the people in far away lands, will I ever get out of this small town? I never wanted the simple easy life that all my then friends and cousins wanted- meaning get married early have children move to a house close to your parents and just live. For me that was not living, it was just existing. I wanted more,I wanted to see the world meet people from different cultures, get a degree and my ultimate dream live in a big city. Every time, I mentioned that, people would laugh at me, I was just a little girl, and my fate is in this town. They laughed at me and doubted me so much that I stopped expressing them my need to get away and my dreams, even to my parents. However, I knew someway somehow I would make it, I never doubted that even though everyone around me did. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

It's Okay Not To Like Yourself (Sometimes)

Everywhere I look there are people saying that you have to love your body, and spreading body positivity but at the same time worship people with 1 specific body type that majority people don't have. Isn't that contradictive?