Friday, 24 June 2016

London Pride 2016

It's the rainbow month.

June is the official pride month, where individuals and organisations come together as one community to celebrate gay pride.  This pride will be slightly different than the previous one as we are also mourning for the 49 lives lost at the pulse nightclub in Orlando. For that reason LGBTQ and allies should attend to the pride this weekend to show that we are not afraid, we are proud and we all stand together, united as humans. We believed that a change has come but we sadly we still have a long way, but if we all work together, by educating people and bring awareness maybe in few years, kids won't feel the need to come out at all, as they won't need to hide their sexuality. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hello Summer

Even though the sky are still grey in England, summer has officially arrived and with every summer there is spark of hope along with a new beginning a new adventure a new something that new in the horizon.
I never been to keen for winter, I like summer because I have the freedom to wear whatever I want, go to the beach and stare at the ocean like am waiting for something to happen. I grew up in an island therefore cannot imagine my life without summer without not be able to wake up and run to the sea with joy and amazing gratitude. The tranquil of the ocean early in the morning makes feel like floating away from reality even for awhile, something that is hard to be achieved in the city.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Festival Essentials


Yeah another festival post. To be honest I never get tired writing and reading about festivals. One of the most anticipated events every year for me are the festivals, and according to stats is the same for thousands of people. I have not been to a festival though since 2014 because well real adulthood(uni years don’t count) happened and had to pay rent and bills. One of the reason that I love going to festivals so much is that, you get away for few days and you are free to express yourself however you want whilst creating life-long memories with your best friends. Since I will not be going to any festivals this year (still crying) I thought to share a little list you WILL need when going to a festival. Most of those things I had them prepared but forgot them at home that’s when I realized how much are needed. 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

6 Fashion trends you need to know about this summer

I can't believe it's June already where did the time go?! My favorite time of the year has finally arrived. As a summer girl I absolutely hate winter and having to wear lots layers and not being able to show my style. This year the summer trends are actually pretty cool, with many trends being recycled from the 80s and 90s such as the chokers and high waisted skirts. It seems that you might get to be able to borrow/steal some stuff from your mom's closet you will definitely find some hidden gems.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Burning Man


Have you ever wanted to be in a place where societal norms and any kind of control does not exist, no rules and regulations?
A place where you are free to express yourself and embrace your inner freak.

We go through our whole lives repressing who we are,hiding our true emotions feeling embarrassed, guilty and slowly drifting away from anything that purely defines us as a whole human being. We spent most of the time hiding behind the mask we been given by society. In burning man your allowed to throw that mask away be who you truly are, embrace your weirdness,your creativity bring to life the child inside of you that you have been repressing for years. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Growing Up and Growing Apart

"It seems like yesterday we were a little punk ass teenagers dressed in black and scuffed converse.
It seems like yesterday we cried, laughed together and promised eternal friendships as against the world.
Where did that time go?
When did we fall apart?"

People say that time apart makes your heart grow fonder, but I don't agree with that. What makes people grow apart is simply growing up. We met approximately 15 years ago,we were both at the bus stop, anxiously waiting for the bus, she offered me a biscuit, our mutual hate for maths brought us together well and the biscuit. After that day we became inseparable, we would confide in each other are darkest fears and hopes we had each other's back, she was my best friend and I was hers. 

Monday, 2 May 2016

My Morning Skincare Routine


I always been very bad with keeping up with skincare, I would usually buy cleansers and moisturizers and use them once a month yup that bad. But since I turned 25 and got officially in my middle 20s (sad times), I decided to try a bit harder. When we grow older our skin stops producing collagen and that usually results to wrinkles. Even though I graduated from university couple of years I still maintain my student lifestyle(some people never grow up,sorry mom) meaning late nights, alcohol and bad nutrients which has affected my skin, not irreversible though. Last month, I went to a beauty event and I have been told by many skincare experts that my skin is very dehydrated and I needed to start using a good moisturizer and well drink more water, unfortunately alcohol doesn't count as a hydrating liquid. 
Few weeks ago I decided to give a go to some of the products I have been given which were called "Amie", I wanted to try the Amie products as they are 95% natural and vegan plus they smelled absolutely amazing.