Friday, 2 December 2016

The True Essence of Christmas

Why do we celebrate Christmas?
What is Christmas?

Even though, I never had that ideal happy family, Christmas was always a big deal, especially growing up in a little village in a far away land. My family never had lots of money but we had what we needed, the basics pretty much. Every Christmas we would all gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the love for each other. I never been a religious kind of girl but I would still go to church on Christmas morning.
Now, moving out and to another country, I released what Christmas really is, and what I have been taking for granted. Having spent many Christmases on my own sometimes eating something as small as ramen noodles I tried to convince myself that Christmas is nothing but just another day, and look at the positive side which was well at least I get a day off. But as hard as I tried in the back of my mind I always longed those memories as distant as they are, with family, friends and nice dinner, there is nothing better than waking up and feel loved, that is what is Christmas all about, true,genuine love nothing else, nothing less.

Monday, 28 November 2016


bidvine app

blogger, there are so many things that are going through my mind and sometimes even keep me up at night( yup). For instance, I completely freaked out in the middle of the night few days ago, because I didn't have any posts scheduled which would result on no posts for the week, which means that my views will drop and my DA. Also don't even get me started about editing, coding, and freaking social media oh and those hashtags, being a blogger is not a full-time job is a 24/7 job, especially if you want to get somewhere in the blogsphere.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Has Feminism ruined dating?

Let's face it times have changed, women have much more rights than 100 years ago. We have come so far in so many ways that is quite admirable.The fact that a woman could be a candidate for the US presidency means a lot. All the women before us fought for us to be able to vote, for our rights to education our right to have a voice. But what if we have become so "in love" with our independence and how amazing is to be a woman that in a way ruined our dating life?!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Phobophobia - The Ventriloquist Nightmare

What is fear? 
That rational or sometimes irrational feeling you get, and you instantly feel the palms of your hand sweating your heart beating faster and your thoughts
What would you do in a situation where a great danger is upon you would you fight or flight?

Monday, 24 October 2016

9 Reasons Why I Love Halloween

Halloween has always been by far my favorite holiday, don't get me wrong I love Christmas and Easter but there is something about Halloween that just gets me so excited since I was a child. Maybe as a classic Scorpio with a moon in Aquarius im just naturally draw in anything dark and mysterious anything sinister and forbidden. Halloween has a long tradition and it is been celebrated for centuries, some even say that it was around before Christianity. So there you have it. The day of the All Hallows Eve is sacred as it's the day that dead comes back to life. To avoid being recognize by the ghost people wore masks and costumes so that's why we dress up every Halloween. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Lost Between Now And Then

"Run before time takes your dreams away"

Hey, I missed you can't wait to see you later.
When did "later" gained more power than now, was it the same time, we put our dreams on hold for temporary pleasures that will not have any meaning tomorrow. Or maybe is the far thought of tomorrow that hold us back. But there is no really tomorrow, tomorrow is today.
Having being indoctrinated by society that when we reach a certain age we have to have achieved so many things, such as degrees,career, cars, house, marriage,kids etc. Currently, I'm in my mid-20s soon will be in my late 20s and sometimes I feel like am lost in a vicious cycle that does not seem to end. I have never been that lucky girl that had everything there, I worked hard since I was very young, I own who I am today, but I still feel like I haven't achieved anything or at least I am not where I would want to be.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Do People Deserve A Second Chance?

                                Do People Really Deserve A Second Chance?

We all had or still have a person in our lives that screwed us up, whether that person was a boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend or even a parent. 
A person we loved and trusted but has blinded us and we kept falling for the same old excuses and useless apologies.